Conservative candidate Mark Menzies backs Keep Me Posted campaign

Fylde Conservative candidate Mark Menzies has backed a consumer campaign to safeguard constituents' access to paper bills.

The campaign, supported by more than 100 leading charities and consumer groups, demands consumers be given access to paper bills when needed, and to ensure there are no disproportionate charges for them.

This includes bank and account statements, energy, phone and water bills.

The campaign is not anti-digital; technology plays a vital role in everyday life. However, paper bills must be retained for those people who have difficulty accessing online services.

Mr Menzies said: "Every consumer should be able to get their bill in the manner they desire.

"This issue particularly affects vulnerable groups including the disabled and the elderly.

"Receiving a bill digitally is fine for most people, andĀ eco-friendly. But we must not penalise those in our society who need a paper bill to better control their finances.

"I fully support the Keep Me Posted Campaign and its call to allow people to exercise their right to choose how they receive information."