Mark Menzies: "I would vote to retain the ban on fox hunting"

Fylde Conservative candidate Mark Menzies has pledged to oppose any move to repeal the Hunting Act.
Mr Menzies said: "I appreciate the strong feelings many people have on this issue and I share constituents' concerns for ensuring the welfare of animals.
"Whilst farmers and gamekeepers must have the ability to control pests on their land I believe this can be achieved via more humane methods.
"The Government intends to give Parliament an opportunity to repeal the Hunting Act with a government bill in government time.
"The Conservative Party holds no official view on fox hunting and as a result Members will be given a free vote on whether they wish to repeal the Hunting Act.
"In the event of such a vote, I would vote to retain the ban on fox hunting as I view it as necessary to protect animal welfare."