A truly great and inspirational leader

It was with profound sorrow that our association heard of the passing of Lady Thatcher. An inspirational and decisive leader, a woman who succeeded against all odds and turned around our country at a time of national need. For everyone engaged in politics this is a sad day.  On behalf of all the members of Fylde Conservative Association I send our most sincere condolences, thoughts and prayers to Sir Mark Thatcher and to Carol Thatcher. Brenda Ackers, Chairman of Fylde Conservative Association. 

County Council Elections May 2nd

The Conservative candidates for the upcoming Lancashire County Council elections have started campaigning.  Find the candidate standing for your area and support him/her, contact details are in the downloadable file. 

Council Tax Freeze 2013/14

Funding for Town halls across the country has reduced but in Fylde the Conservative led borough council is meeting the challenge head on, freezing council tax, whilst maintaining and even improving its high level of services to residents.


Delivering On Our Promises

Politicians should always be judged on what they do, not what they say. At the General Election the Conservative party made you promises; we put them into a contract with the British people and signed it very publicly. Two years on, we're going to be just as up front about how we are getting on with delivering on those promises....

See the European Parliament

North West Conservatives have forwarded an opportunity onto us that I know some of you won’t want to miss - a trip for members to see the European Parliament