Christine Akeroyd

Fylde Borough Council - Kilnhouse Ward
St Anne's on Sea Town Council - Kilnhouse

Christine is a mother and grandmother with both generations living in the Fylde area. Living in Kilnhouse ward since 1990 she knows just what local people need and has always worked diligently on their behalf.

After leaving school and university, Christine spent time working in the Hospitality and Tourism industry ending her career lecturing to Hospitality and Catering students at Preston College. With tourism in mind and a passion for environmental issues, Christine has spent a lot of time promoting, improving and conserving the best of the Kilnhouse area as well as the whole of the Fylde Borough.

A long time councillor, she has represented the ward since 2002 having spent time on Licensing and Public protection committees, Development Control, Audit, Scrutiny and as a Member Champion for Procurement. Always approachable, Christine works daily to ensure the problems and needs of the Kilnhouse ward and its people are addressed.