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Interested in becoming a Conservative Councillor?

Elections in Fylde take place every four years, with the next election taking place on 4th May 2023. 

Interested? You can apply to join our Approved List of Candidates.

If you are interested, the first step is to join our Approved List of Candidates.

Once on our Approved List, you can then apply to be a Conservative Council Candidate for a Council Ward of their choice where Ward members have their say.

Remember, you will need to become a member of the Conservative Party to go through to the selection stage.

Please apply early, as we plan to start candidate selections as soon as possible. So don't delay! 

You can download our Guide on becoming a Conservative Councillor from the link below.

How to complete and submit your application form

Please complete the form online, save it, then email back to the email address on the form. 

Also, please fill out your details underneath the form so we can get in touch. 




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