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Fylde Conservatives


If you want things in your town to be different then be sure to choose the party that is different, the party that stands up for local people  - the Conservative Party.

The Conservatives are a long standing British political party with traditional values and beliefs but are not afraid to explore and embrace new ideas.

Putting family first and seeking to bring the sense of community back to society, the Conservatives are the party that will create long lasting, REAL change.

If you back what the Conservative Association stands for and want real change to take place in Britain, you can make it happen! That's what big society is all about...Putting politics back in the hands of the voters.


Getting involved with the party is simple and you can do as much or as little as you want!

Firstly, you could join our mailing list to be kept up to date with what the local party are doing, and be invited along to all of our social gatherings. To do this simly send your details to

You can also follow the party on Facebook and Twitter. Our local MP is also active online, you can find the latest from Mark Menzies at his very own website

Should you wish to do a bit more, you could always volunteer to deliver some leaflets, help us with community surveys or put up a poster for us at election time.

The local Conservative party relies on donations from ordinary supporters who want to see our policies succeed. A donation of £5, £10 or whatever you wanted to give would be a big help.  All donators are considered Friends of the party and as such are invited to all of our special events.

If being active politically is your thing, or you have a local issue you'd love to raise then the Conservative Policy Forum is for you. We host regular free events where you can give feedback to those who make both local and national policies. Whether it's local bus routes or immigration worries we're sure you'll have something to contribute!

Those who really want to stand up and be heard, you could become a Conservatve candidate for council, - we're constantly looking for fresh-faced new members to step up and help turn Britain around.

Whether it's shaping our campaigns or baking cakes for fundraising the Conservative party is very much involved with and ran by the local community, so get involved, join us today or browse for more information using the menu at the side.



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